Weatherization Services

The weatherization services are designed to identify the families in need, complete an energy evaluation, and then perform the necessary work to make the house more energy efficient and safe, all at no cost to the qualifying homeowner.

Who We Work With

For Homeowners

Our weatherization services help create a comfortable and safe environment for our clients to live in, while generating more disposable income from decreased utility and medical expenses. Past clients have found that they are no longer living in cold and drafty houses, leading to fewer hospital visits, and less days work missed.

Long term, the work we do helps enhance the value and equity to our client’s property. Both of these factors can help improve a family’s long term financial situation.

For Landlords

We can complete the work on the entire house or building as long as 66% of the property meets the income eligibility guidelines.

Owner stipulations:

  • Payment of a pre-determined (between owner and SSC) percentage of the project’s work scope, which will include an initial audit fee that will act as a deposit towards the overall owner contribution.
  • The owner cannot increase rent on the tenants (for 5 years after completion) on the basis of weatherization work completed.

Our Services

Through a combination of our crews and our subcontractors we will complete the following measures (pending energy audit assessment):

  • Clean & tune, repair, or replace the heating & cooling system and/or water heater
  • Install insulation to ducts, heating pipe, water heater tank & pipes
  • Install insulation where needed, while performing air sealing
  • Replace windows and doors
  • Install mechanical ventilation to ensure adequate indoor air quality
  • Install smoke and carbon dioxide detectors
  • Evaluate mold and moisture hazards
  • Install efficient light sources and low flow shower heads
  • Replace inefficient refrigerators with energy efficient

Who Qualifies?

WAP qualification is based solely on the total household income compared to the family size. Below please find the program income guidelines as set forth by our direct program governing body, New York State Homes and Community Renewal.

If you feel like your household qualifies, then please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and an SSC WAP employee will reach out to collect your information and add you to our wait list.

Family SizeMonthly Income ($)Annual Income ($)

*each additional person per household – $9,440 per person


Funding for weatherization program vastly expanded in New York

Published: Apr 14, 2022

Thousands of Western New York homeowners are now eligible for federal help in protecting their properties from the ravages of the region’s notorious winters, and it’s all thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure bill that Congress passed last year.

Weatherization project completed at Lancaster Towers after being halted due to pandemic

Published: Feb. 25, 2021

Toward the end of 2020, Supportive Services partnered with the Benchmark Group, the
company that owns Lancaster Towers, to work on a “comprehensive” weatherization
project to make the towers more energy-efficient and the tenants more comfortable
during the winter months.

Slice of Life with Brenda Alesii

Recorded: Feb. 13, 2021

Program History

The Weatherization Assistance Program was established in 1976 by the Department of Energy, under Title IV of the Energy Conservation and Protection Act in attempt to cut down the energy usage, create a safe living environment and more disposable income for Low to Moderate Income (LMI) families, and be the foundation of a new industry to create jobs for American workers.

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  • Only applicants from Erie County are eligible.
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